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We really wish there was more information out there about agriculture! This is an industry we all depend on for food, and yet, people don't seem to have an interest in the subject unless they come from a farming family. Well, we are here to change that. We don't expect that we will be able to educate everyone in the world about agriculture from this one blog, but that's not going to stop us from doing our part. Read a few articles when you get a chance. You'll gain more insight into farming and agriculture than you can probably imagine.


Indian Almond Leaves: How Do They Benefit Fish?

3 June 2021
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Fish breeders and even those raising fish for pleasure want to give their fish the best environment to keep healthy. This includes everything from the food they eat to the water they swim in. One commonly used supplement for fish breeders is Indian almond leaves. If you've ever heard of them, but you aren't sure what they do or if they work, here is some helpful information. Where Do Indian Almond Leaves Come From? Read More …