Elms Farm Equestrian

Has  Moved to

Hill House Equestrian

Wednesday 8th October

British Show Jumping

Cat 2 Show

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No further Events at Elms Farm


We would like to thank the many people who have attended the shows and competitions at elms farm during the last 8 years.  We also would like to thank all of the judges and trainers who have supported us over the years, without your help and support, Elms Farm would not have been the success it has been.

  We wish you all the best and success in the future.

Thank you

Stephen & Trudy

Elms farm was not special, its the people local and those that would travel far afield and brave the weather, not for posh facilities, but because they felt at home.  It is those people that made elms farm special.

Trudy dedicated 8 years of tireless work at elms farm.  during this time she was driven not by greed but with a never ending desire to simply provide friendly and efficient events.  I am so proud of her.


Hill House Equestrian

Market Rasen 

FULL DETAILS OF ALL EVENTS www.hillhouseequestrian.com